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I can't imagine getting this type of care anywhere else.  ~Zoe

Beginning with our first meeting, I knew I found the right place for me.  ~Lisa

Before I found AJ I had been suffering for so long, but within a month I was meaningfully better and I could not believe how quickly it happened.  ~Gabe

Thank the Goddess I found Amy Jo and Alchemy! I started feeling better literally from my first session.  ~Amy

Thinking back to that first session, I remember feeling so much relief, that it was easy to put my trust in you.  ~Sam

I've only been working with AJ for 1 month, and I'm already better than the last 2 years of trying with western medicine.  ~Franchesca

To be honest, I’m getting misty-eyed just thinking about “my story”. It’s hard to put into words how much you have helped me.  ~Alex

AJ, I can’t thank you enough for giving me my health back!  ~Carrie

I came to you as a last resort. I had been feeling sick for so long and none of the doctors I saw could figure it out. So I thought why not try this, what could happen?? Well, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  ~Jacqueline

I walked into Alchemy for some Acupuncture, and I now have a friend, caregiver, and partner in managing my health. Amazing.  ~Philip

AJ is incredibly intuitive and empathetic, and her enthusiasm and passion for her work is clear. I have had good experiences with acupuncture before, but after seeing Amy Jo for only two weeks I realized that I had been missing out before now!  ~Bridget

My heart and soul have healed and flourished with your support. You are nothing short of magic!  ~Lily

Just imagine being in a totally new place with your health 6 weeks from now!

My 6-week healing program includes:

6 Supportive Acupuncture Sessions

Full Health History & Family History Review

Constitutional Assessment

Restorative Nutrition Plan Customized For You

In-Between-Appointment Video Messaging

Custom Chinese Herbal Botanicals*

Healing Recipes For Your Skill Level

1-on-1 Educational Food Shopping Field Trip

*supplemental fee for botanicals


The Details

1st Meeting

Complete History Review + Acupuncture Session
90 min-2 hours

2nd-6th Acupuncture Appointment

Review improvements + Refine Strategy
Acupuncture Session
75-90 Min

Food Shopping Field Trip

Available Between Week 1-3
Allow 2 hours for planning and fun-filled shopping

After learning about your constitution & health needs, I'll meet you at a local food market where we will collaborate on a few recipes & cooking goals. We will food shop together, and I'll help you navigate the store, purchase what you need to create a few dishes, and answer questions you have about food shopping, ingredients, stocking your kitchen, etc.

*Boulder area stores I suggest are Lucky's Market,
Natural Grocers, or Whole Foods.

Video Messaging

I offer video messaging between appointments if you have questions or need support with your plan. I'll provide a link to the app and get us started after your first appointment.

Custom Botanicals

In addition to Acupuncture & Nutrition, I am a licensed Chinese Herbalist and I often suggest botanical medicine to rapidly & effectively improve your recovery.

I will prescribe custom botanicals based on your symptoms.
Cost per week averages $35-$45.

Continued Support

After our initial 6-weeks of working together, you will be in a whole new place with your health! Many of the people I work with have long-term illness that does better some form of continued management--but nowhere near where you were when you first arrived. You may want to continue weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments to maintain your improved new normal. This is always available to you going forward.

 Know that you always have my support and we can continue managing anything that arises.


AJ Arch Rose

Looking Forward To Helping You Thrive!

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