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2 Great Options For Healing

The Flourish 'Not So Basic' Real Recovery Plan

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Amazing Solutions For Recovering From IBS,
Crohn's, Colitis & Chronic Health Issues

This time it's different. This is not just 1 more stop on your medical journey where you get the same tired responses and no new ideas. This time, you will be heard, understood, and supported so you can make the key changes that will help you take great strides in your health and getting your life back.

My plan is different, and that is what makes it better.
I've helped thousands of people recover and I want to help you too.

I care about your story--your health journey, family history, illnesses, what you've already tried, and what has or hasn't helped. I don't think you need more medication, I think you need more support and a helping hand who understands how difficult living with these conditions can be.

I'm not going to tell you to get over it, I'm going to help you through it.

Sign up today, and get the help you've been seeking.

Here's How:

The Flourish 3 Step Solution


Schedule your first session.

Schedule your first consult with my easy online system. {all times are EST, so adjust the timing for your time zone & availability}.

You'll hear from me shortly with a zoom link for our 1-on-1 call.



During our first consult, I ask you how you’re feeling in all aspects of life. I extend our work beyond your physical symptoms in order to intuit the best course of action and select the best healing plan for you.


Begin your customized plan for long-term healing.

Even though you’ll feel a difference after just one consult, we co-create a blueprint for vitality that works for your unique lifestyle – and most importantly, for healing that lasts.

What you get:

This starter package includes:

*Three 1-on-1 consultations with an expert gut health physician who will listen to you and take the time to understand the details your situation.

*Effective solutions & a real plan for healing from IBS, Crohn's, Colitis, or other Chronic Health Issues.

*A deeper understanding of your health constitution, and how you can truly thrive.

*Real food nutritional strategy that is customized for your needs.

*Custom botanicals by mail.

*Follow-up consults to help you implement the right changes so that you Flourish.

Want More?

Join Me For


My signature empowerment program for sensitive people with a big vision.

In Elevated, I'm going to help you understand more about who you really are and what drives you, while supporting you to take the big steps forward.

The reason you've felt lost, frustrated, or stuck for so long is because finding the right help who can understand your unique vision is rare. I help sensitive people live bigger lives by honoring your unique gifts instead of trying to suppress them--and that's what is different. Unique vision and sensitivity is a great asset! I want to help you grow your dreams and create what the world has been needing.

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