When You Understand Yourself Better, Choices Are Effortless and Success Is Guaranteed.

-Amy Jo Accardi


Join Me On Sunday, January 23

to expand your ideas about who you are, and all the ways you can effortlessly express more awesomeness and influence more positive outcomes for you and those you are engaging with.

For the last couple of years, you've gotten an extraordinary opportunity to learn more about who you are. Through much of the pandemic, it has been common to be filled with fear, frustration, confusion, loneliness, intense emotions, and futility--but I want to remind you of who you are when you're at your best. And that even when the world feels out of control, you have everything you need inside of yourself to influence positive outcomes.

The Five Elements

Are an ancient philosophy and foundational part of Chinese Medicine. All five elements are present in every single one of us, but the ones you most identify and resonate with define everything about your personality, strengths, insights, gifts, personal expression, and even your health!

In this workshop, I'm going to totally inspire you to think bigger and more strategically, so that you have more clarity, confidence, and genuine curiosity about life and all that is possible for you--regardless of the bigger themes that are going on.

In This Transformational Workshop,
You'll Learn:

The Richness Of The 5 Elements, And How They Can Help You Create More Of Your Dream Life

Which Element You Most Identify With, And How To Effortlessly Embody More Of Your Gifts

Recognize Which Pitfalls & Challenges Are Common Within Your Primary Element, And How They Affect You

How To Make More Expansive Choices Based On Your Personal Constitution

What's Happening When You Feel Stuck, Disheartened, Or Drained, And How To Easily Create Better Dynamics

How To Prioritize The Things That Will Help You Stay More Authentically Present In All Situations

What Are The Five Elements?

The 5 Elements {Illustrated}

One way to think about The 5 Elements is that they are The Poetry Of Who You Are.

We all arrived here, in these bodies, these families, this location, at this time to be a full and authentic expression of something beautiful. In Chinese Medicine, we say that each person makes a contract with Heaven when we are embodied, and it is our job to live up to it by being MORE of ourselves throughout the ups and downs of being fully in this life.

The 5 Elements are the way you express things, view the world, experience emotion, contribute to your family, career, and group dynamics. They express themselves in who you are at your best, and who you are when you are challenged, and learning more about how you work will expand your capabilites to be more effective, engaged, and empowered in all facets of your life, darling.

So Let's Get Started!

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Sunday, January 23

10 AM-Noon EST

This is a LIVE virtual workshop. For best results, please plan to attend in real time. Session will be recorded and sent out afterward.


Meet Your Guide

I'm AJ

I'm a Vibrant Life Stylist with a Master's in Chinese Medicine and over 15 years of experience helping my clients live their best lives.

I use the 5 Elements daily in my practice, and they inform how I help others grow, heal, and thrive.

I look forward to sharing the immense spirit and sophistication of this medicine with you, and giving you more divine tools for mastering your internal world, insight, and innate wisdom.

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