Ready to end your gas & bloating issues, reduce inflammation, and cook more amazing food at home that deeply nourishes you without drama?

Join me for The
Food-As-Medicine Super Functional Home Kitchen Course

And create more magic in your kitchen that supports your health better so you can live more of the life you love. 😘

If you've been living with gas & bloating, inflammation, slow metabolism and other digestive issues, you've probably tried a LOT of different ways to address it with food and supplements, but it's not really working, is it?

The Truth Is...

Digestive issues are complex, and you can keep trying random products & difficult diets that stress you out even more


You can let me help you understand how to take your health back by creating your own super-functional healing home kitchen that nurtures you like a charm in no time.

We're struggling babe

Over the last few decades, bloating, bathroom drama, food intolerances, allergies, and sluggish weight have become so common that we barely even question them anymore.


The root of many of these issues is in our food, and I want to help you make the key changes that will make all the difference in how you feel today--and help you age with grace, vibrance, and righteous Qi!

So if you're ready to end the struggle and start feeling more clear & confident on how to create a better health picture for yourself, you're in the right place.

In this 4-week course I'll show you how to:

End Gas, Bloating & Other Health Issues with better food for you

Understand Your Specific Needs More Clearly, So Food Becomes Easy & Effortless

Polish Your Cooking Skills, Even if you're starting at zero

Learn How To Make Easy + High-Vibe Meals At Home That Make Every Day More Righteous

Meal plan without stress or drama

Food Shop & Stock Your Kitchen Like A Pro

always feel prepared to make something easy & amazing

Babe! This is where your google overwhelm, failed food experiments, and cabinet full of unsuccessful supplements ends.

Let me show you how to get out of the food matrix, truly understand what you need, and make it happen every day with simple actions that lead to big payoffs.

4 Weekly Modules

Week 1: Everything You Need To Stock Your Super Functional Healing Kitchen

Week 2: Defining Your Constitution & Getting Clear On Your Needs

Week 3: Bringing Your Divine Cooking Skills To Life

Week 4: Easy Wins For More Real Food At Home Anytime

The Details

The next course begins tuesday, June 11

Sign up today to reserve your spot

This oh so succulent course includes:

4 Weeks of Live Calls with AJ

Live Instruction + Q&A Tuesdays at 11 am MT

all calls recorded

Recordings don't expire, so you have them anytime you need them 🤍

weekly recipes & instructional videos

In addition to the live calls, you'll get pre-recorded recipes & cooking techniques each week. I include step-by-step guidance that you can watch at your own pace to build your skills + confidence and bring your super-functional kitchen to life with the utmost east.

Q&A and real support

You can ask me questions on live calls or via email. I want you to feel like you know how to take the next step on things, always. I'm going to hold your hand all the way!

VIP Spots Available

Want to learn more about how to use food-as-medicine more specifically? Get individualized attention with AJ in addition to the course. This includes all course access and materials + 3 1-hour video calls with AJ.

Join The Food-as-medicine super functional home kitchen course now

only $295

 {a $495 value}

Wait, I want vip!

Ready to finally get out of the google rabbit holes you've been in, and end the struggle of knowing what to eat & how to make it? Let me help you cut to the chase and make the exact right choices now.

Get 3 individual calls with AJ that include:

*A customized assessment

*An individualized food plan

*Personalized Guidance

*1-on-1 time with AJ for questions & direct feedback

special price $995

 {a $1495 value}

Look Babe, I know you've been wishing on a star for your real food, cooking fairy Godmother to swoop in and help you create more magic in the kitchen that adds to your quality of life and endless inner sparkle.

And here I am ✨✨✨

Everything about life gets better when you know how to take care of yourself with easy real food & a sound strategy that works for you.

Once you get this type of guidance, it's so much easier from here on out.

sign up today to take real action that will change everything

Yes AJ. I'm excited to get the change I've been looking for

I've had enough struggle, and I know you can help make it easier for me. I'd like the works please!

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