Ready to get better results with your chronic health issues?

Get the right support with your health that will help solve a lot of drama and transform the difficult & stubborn symptoms you've been living with for far too long.

{even if you've tried everything or been told your symptoms won't improve.}

Take a meaningful step forward and re-claim your vibrant life

When you've been living with chronic health issues, it's easy to feel disheartened, discouraged, and despairing.

Especially when you keep hearing things like "you'll just have to live with it" or "it's the best we can do" and you don't have enough energy to fight it anymore.

But I want you to know that it's going to be different here, and you're going to experience the change you've been yearning for.


The truth is, autoimmune, digestive, and chronic illness issues improve drastically when you use the right approach

but finding real help who understands your condition, guides you through restorative diet strategy, supports your emotions, and provides effective treatment to help your body heal itself has probably felt impossible until now.

I'm AJ, and I've been creating righteous health transformations for 15 years

At Alchemy, I'm going to help you:

End The Drama, Anxiety & Fear Cycle

Living with chronic illness is a chronic struggle to feel ok, be ok, leave the house without fear & anxiety, and have more physical, mental, and emotional space to just live your life with ease.

At Alchemy, this improves within a matter of weeks!

Eat Simple Real Foods That Make You Happy, Strong & Easeful

You don't need a lot of rules, special products, or limitation to feel good & nourish yourself.

I assemble simple real food strategy for you that will help you heal AND increase joy at the table.

Stop Feeling Controlled By Illness & Get Your Life Back

This is, by far, the number 1 feedback I get from my clients and it never gets old. 🧡

When you learn simple & strategic ways to manage your illness better, it takes a back seat and you get to live more of your life the way you desire.

Want to hear what my clients are saying?

I can't imagine getting this type of care anywhere else.  ~Zoe

Beginning with our first meeting, I knew I found the right place for me.  ~Lisa

Before I found AJ I had been suffering for so long, but within a month I was meaningfully better and I could not believe how quickly it happened.  ~Gabe

Thank the Goddess I found Amy Jo and Alchemy! I started feeling better literally from my first session.  ~Amy

Thinking back to that first session, I remember feeling so much relief, that it was easy to put my trust in you.  ~Sam

I've only been working with AJ for 1 month, and I'm already better than the last 2 years of trying with western medicine.  ~Franchesca

To be honest, I’m getting misty-eyed just thinking about “my story”. It’s hard to put into words how much you have helped me.  ~Alex

AJ, I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back!  ~Carrie

I came to you as a last resort. I had been feeling sick for so long and none of the doctors I saw could figure it out. So I thought why not try this, what could happen?? Well, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  ~Jacqueline

I walked into Alchemy for some Acupuncture, and I now have a friend, caregiver, and partner in managing my health. Amazing.  ~Philip

AJ is incredibly intuitive and empathetic, and her enthusiasm and passion for her work is clear. I have had good experiences with acupuncture before, but after seeing Amy Jo for only two weeks I realized that I had been missing out before now!  ~Bridget

My heart and soul have healed and flourished with your support. You are nothing short of magic!  ~Lily

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Here are a few examples of what you can expect at Alchemy:

How to understand your situation better, so you feel more empowered about healing.

Step-by-step support for focusing on the right things to move you forward, for good.

Get real relief & a reduction, or total elimination, of symptoms within a few weeks.

How to add more amazing foods to your diet without negative consequences.

Reduce the stress, anxiety, and frustration that often comes with chronic health issues.

Get medical expertise, soul support, food-as-medicine guidance & relief in 1 place.

Work with someone who knows healing possible for you, and wants to help you get there.


Hope to meet you soon!

Amy Jo Accardi

Licensed Acupuncturist

Chinese Herbalist

Food As Medicine Expert

Chronic Illness Specialist

Vibrant Health Restorer

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