Quarantine Queen

Shift out of survival mode and re-claim your energy,
empowerment, confidence and clarity.

You are such a badass, and you know it.

You're up early, you show up fully, you're insightful, you have great ideas, and you're not afraid to get in there and be amazing at what you do.

But when it comes to Quarantine Living, everything is so much harder than before, and it doesn't feel like you at all. You know that you know how to do this, but why does every hour of every day feel like you're treading water and getting nowhere?


Join Me For Quarantine Queen

if you're ready to make a conscious shift from being frozen, overwhelmed, anxiety-ridden, and barely breathing to re-claiming your vibrant spark and feeling fully empowered and grounded at the center of your life.

The Truth Is...

You are not the kind of person who waits for things to be better, but...

*These last 6 months have felt like total chaos, and you've had enough.

*You've been feeling so completely drained, you don't even know where to begin to get your feet back on the ground.

*Being able to exhale feels completely out of your grasp, and it's not like you to be so overwhelmed.

*You've somehow been giving all of your energy away, and you REALLY need to keep some for yourself.

*You have no idea what to eat, cook, or feed yourself or anyone else in your home.

*You've been keeping busy, but you've lost your sense of purpose and inspiration.

*Operating at a deficit has become your primary method of functioning, and it's definitely not for you.

Well, Queens Don't Eat Crumbs Honey!


Quarantine Queen
is a 5-week wellness empowerment program

that will help you get back on track for building the life you love--especially when things are harder than we are used to.

This program will help you reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm to re-claim your strength, clarity, and vision to re-define what makes you shine.

Through soulful support, inspired insight, and prosperity-oriented growth strategies, we're going to build, nourish and strengthen your relationship to your authentic life-force so you get more acquainted with a stronger, more passionate and resilient side of yourself, and establish the lifestyle values you need to keep going, more authentically, through this quarantine and beyond.

Quarantine Queen-09

The Details

We start Tuesday, September 15
6pm-8pm EST

All Calls Are Live

{and will be recorded for you to keep}

These are 'un-zoom' calls.

Wear your sweats. Chillax on the sofa. No formalities required.
But I DO want you to show up...not just for me, but for yourself.

This is about prioritizing yourself, your wellness, your ability to be present in your life, and most importantly, remembering who you actually are, and what makes you your best.

Essentials Of Health Empowerment

 Program Elements & Highlights

Quarantine Queen-11

Week 1: The Foundations Of Getting Grounded, Centered & Clear

Clarifying what you need + making a better plan for moving forward.

Week 2: Infinite Immunity & Luscious Life Force

Strong immunity comes from nourishing your life force. We'll discuss how to easily create the potent exuberance that belongs only to you and your true expression of all things vibrant and resilient.

Quarantine Queen-07
Quarantine Queen

Week 3: Vibrant Kitchen, Vibrant Health

Get the most out of your diet by using food as medicine.

In this cooking demo with AJ and her magic kitchen, you'll learn how to create simple, amazing, and nutritive dishes that nourish & strengthen mind, body, and soul.

Week 4: Relationships & Setting Healthy Boundaries

Rule #1 of Quarantine Queening: Build up your own assets first.

Rule #2 of Quarantine Queening: Don't give them away unless you have extra and it's a fair exchange.

Quarantine Queen-02
Quarantine Queen-04

Week 5: Creative Energy & Boundless Expression

As we clear out the mental and energetic clutter you've been contending with, your energy and clarity will increase exponentially. The drive for creative expression will return, and we'll discuss outlets and inspo for moving forward with radiance and your unique voice.

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Earlybird Prices Until Sunday, September 6


2 payments of $475


Hi, I'm AJ

And I love helping you thrive, Babe.

I'm a Vibrant Life Stylist, which means I support, inspire, educate, and advise brilliant people like you to become more of your amazing self with less baggage.

I'm a licensed acupuncturist, a food as medicine specialist, a breathwork guide, and all-around stress reducer, inspo-stoker, and deep support system for the real and challenging things associated with growth and personal evolution.

We can make all of these things lighter and the process more rewarding because I will remind you who you are, all the ways you are so amazing, and how to make room for more of your magical self to come through, because you are your best when you feel the most alive.

Program Dates:

Tuesday, September 15
Tuesday, September 22
Tuesday, September 29
~integration week~
Tuesday, October 13
Tuesday, October 20

**Bonus Breathwork Sunday, September 27

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Earlybird Prices Until Sunday, September 6


2 payments of $475

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