Hey There Gluten-Free Babe!

Ready to have it all this year?

All the traditional Thanksgiving foods, from prep work to leftovers.

The Turkey

The Gravy

The Stuffing

The Pumpkin Pie

This year it's ALL yours, and
it's all Gluten-Free.

I'm So Happy You're Here!

I'm even happier to be your gluten-free luminary for all the things that remind you of the holidays and being with those you love.

This Guide Includes:

12 Luscious Recipes

for GF gravy, pumpkin pie, stuffing, chocolate-pecan pie, and more.

Complete Guide To Buying, Prepping, and Cooking The Perfect Turkey

Turkey Roasting Time Table {By Weight}

Complete Supplies List

Food Shopping List

How To Make Homemade Broth With Your Turkey Bones

Homemade GF Pie Crust, Homemade Whipped Cream. OMG.

Have All The Things This Year

Safely, Joyfully, Whole-Heartedly


Here's The Menu


Bring More Soul To Your Thanksgiving This Year

Having food intolerances doesn't mean that you have to skip out on anything. This is the year you can have it all--and actually feel good about it.

Use my guide to have the confidence, skills, and know-how to create everything you want. And this time you can trust that it won't backfire and put you down for the week.

XO, Amy Jo

About Me

I am a food as medicine specialist, acupuncturist, and Chinese medicine practitioner focused on long term health and longevity. I've helped thousands of those living with autoimmune conditions, digestive issues, and chronic illness recover their health and vibrance through diet, wellness visits, and lifestyle upgrades that matter.

I grew up surrounded by amazing cooks, and I spent over 20 years in the restaurant industry, surrounded by the magic of creating amazing things with simple, wholesome, nutritive ingredients. I advocate for real food, chemical-free diets, supporting small farms, eating organic, pastured, and wild-caught foods as much as possible, and taking the time and care to bring the value back into your diet.

Join me through my virtual group programs or 1-on-1 sessions {virtual or in-person} and get the support you've needed to truly recover, revive, and radiate.

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