Yes. Acupuncture is gentle, but highly effective in creating positive changes in your health. After treating thousands of patients over the years in my practice, I know that recovery happens faster and more effectively when we combine the power of acupuncture with botanicals, real food nutrition and lifestyle improvements. The power of working with all of these aspects together is nothing short of amazing.

No. Acupuncture needles aren’t actually needles at all. They are very fine, solid filaments, as small as a human hair. Typically, you don’t even feel them, but you will feel the wonderful effects of them almost immediately.

AJ  has a gentle technique, and she’s happy to take it slow with you if you are having any fears.

I do not file insurance directly, but if your insurance will reimburse you for treatment, I will provide you with the required paperwork. 

I also accept FSA & HSA payments.

Full payment is required at the beginning of service. 

I work primarily with IBS, Crohn’s and Colitis {IBD}, Lupus, Trauma, Chronic Lyme, and Chronic Fatigue. I also support those living with difficult illness, who often cannot get a clear diagnosis. You don't need a western diagnosis to find success here. I empower my patients to recover as much as possible and feel more in control of your outcome.

Please note: I do not work with dermatological conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. 

Well, I'm going to politely disagree. Just acupuncture is lovely. Beautiful. Awesome, even.

But the truth is, if you are living with chronic or complex health issues, what you actually need is support, and what you want is more than what you've been getting.

I've been practicing and teaching for over 15 years, and one thing I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, is that when you invest in yourself completely, you improve in ways you have only dreamt of in the past.

I am a specialist and I have a valuable range of healing strategies that you won't find anywhere else. Working with me will collapse time, meaning you'll get more from our time together, and get your life back faster.

Consider going all in for best results, Babe. You'll be glad you did.

Acupuncture is a wonderful healing technique that works so well for so many things. But like any technique, there are multiple factors that make it more effective, and it's always a good idea to give it another chance if it wasn't miraculous the first time.

Part of what's different at Alchemy is that I'm a digestive health, autoimmune, and chronic illness specialist. I've had special training to address more internal medicine issues, as well as emotional, nutritional, lifestyle, and generational health patterns. The Alchemy is how I bring it all together to create a cohesive & supportive plan that creates amazing results. It IS different here, and it won't take you long to understand why.

Also known as Food As Medicine, real healing comes from supplying your body with the right foods and nutrient content for it to recover and thrive. Real Food Strategy means there are certain foods that help you recover faster, and some that prevent your progress.

Honestly, you’ll probably be surprised by some of my recommendations, but rest assured that I only suggest really normal foods that make sense for you, and will be easy for you to include into your approach. I’ll help you make a few small and meaningful adjustments, and as you get better, we’ll continue to reassess what’s working best for you, and what isn’t.

This is one of the world’s most effective forms of ancient medicine, and we value the wholesomeness, reliability, and accessibility of real food, instead of products, shakes or an overload of supplements

Chinese botanicals are powerful, effective, affordable and non-dependence forming blends of 2-20 different ingredients. We dispense premium quality, custom formulas in liquid tinctures, granulated powders and capsules. Our botanical formulas consist of leaves, stems, roots, bark and twigs of plants that have been studied, proven and perfected over the last 5000 years.

I have a Master’s Degree in Chinese Herbalism, and I maintain a bountiful custom botanical pharmacy in my studio. I create amazing health transformations with IBS, Anxiety, Crohn’s, Colitis {IBD}, Chronic Lyme, Menstrual Issues, and more, and by adding custom Botanical Medicine to your treatment plan.

During our first consult, I’ll create a botanical blend customized for your specific needs and physical constitution. You will be pleasantly surprised at how well they help improve conditions you’ve been struggling with for far too long.

Breathwork is an active meditation practice that transforms emotions and clears the energy in your mind, heart, and body. It helps to speed healing and create positive change in the parts of your life where you have felt stuck, numb, blocked, or overwhelmed.

This work is particularly amazing for creating positive life change, being more of your best self, healing trauma, transforming emotions, living with difficult illness, dysfunctional family history, and comprehensively cleaning up your internal space so that you can fully thrive.

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