The best GLOW comes from inside.

Join my transformative recovery program from home to reclaim, refine, and revive your definition of living a vibrant life.



My Signature 1-on-1 Program


Living in full alignment with your gifts and authentic expression is called Nourishing Destiny.

Everyone has a unique expression related to your karmic line, genetics, and lineage you're carrying + what you do with your own life and choices. This is YOUR destiny, and when you learn what it means to get into alignment with these forces, everything gets easier and your life BLOOMS!

Learning how to see these things and work with them puts you in alignment with the source of your fire, your gifts, and your ability to be a magnetic full expression of what you were born to do. This is the work that we do in Elevated, because once you see that what you want to create is so much bigger, there is no more time to waste.

In this program we discuss:

*Your big dreams and visions for what your life could actually be.

*Why you have felt stuck or limited in the past, and how to break that cycle.

*What aligning with your natural gifts and talents really means for you.

*Why your friends and family have not been able to help you, and how to establish a better council on the behalf of your best self.

*Why so much of your life has felt like a struggle, and how to embrace liberation despite the fear that comes with change & growth.

*The difference between growing pains and knowing when things aren't right for your path.

*Your unique constitution, and how to nourish your growth into the new paradigm.

*The big pillars: relationships, your family of origin, and the foundational trifecta of self-care, self-love, & self-worth.

This is an empowerment program for sensitive people with a big vision.

In Elevated, I'm going to help you understand more about who you really are and what drives you, while supporting you to take the big steps forward.

The reason you've felt lost, frustrated, or stuck for so long is because finding the right help who can understand your unique vision is rare. I help sensitive people live bigger lives by honoring your unique gifts instead of trying to suppress them--and that's what is different. Unique vision and sensitivity is a great asset! I want to help you grow your dreams and create what the world has been needing.


What you get:

6 1-on-1 sessions with AJ

Dynamic discussions on these juicy topics while developing your big plan and creating ways for you to take steps between calls.

Individual Breathwork

5 calls are for discussion, 1 call is dedicated to an individual breathwork session where we will really get some energy moving and create a space for deeper insight.

Weekly Email Check-Ins And Support

1-2 emails per week from AJ to keep the momentum going.


1 Payment of $1895

2 Payments of $995

Have Questions?

Schedule a call with me to see if it's the right fit. If we decide to work together, the payment for this call will be applied towards your package rate.


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