Crohn's & Colitis Treatment In Boulder

{That actually creates meaningful & sustainable improvements in your health within a matter of weeks!}

If you're here because you're tired of suffering, and you've had enough, I want to tell you something...

You're in the right place, Babe!

I've been successfully treating Crohn's & colitis for 16 years, and I've seen it all.

At Alchemy, you're going to get better solutions for all of the difficult things that have been hard to live with for far too long. I treat a myriad of issues related to IBD including:

Chronic Diarrhea & constipation

Gut pain

Blood or mucous in BM's


gas & bloating


Weight loss or gain

Anxiety & overwhelming emotions

And you can expect meaningful improvement in your symptoms within a matter of weeks {even if you've tried a lot of other things without success}.

I know it sounds audacious...

but I want you to know that there are real solutions to these issues and that you can recover and improve your quality of life with just a few key changes.

Dream with me:

Take a moment right now to dream about the life you've been yearning to live--the life you would live if you weren't constantly struggling with your health.

What do you dream of?

What are the things you want to be doing?

How would you live differently if you had health freedom?

The #1 thing my clients tell me is that I've given them their life back. I want you to know that this story CAN be yours, too!

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IBS IBD Specialist Boulder

I'm Amy Jo

I'm a licensed acupuncturist, Chinese medicine practitioner, and food-as-medicine expert.

I have 16 years of success treating difficult autoimmune, gut, and chronic health issues, and I'm ready to make you my next success story.

Many of my clients show up to my office feeling weary, dispirited, and defeated around their health, and my treatment approach creates the types of miraculous changes that lead to real recovery and quantum leaps into the life of your dreams.

At Alchemy, I create sustainable healing plans for all of my clients with a warm, supportive, and humanized approach.

What To Expect Here

At Alchemy, I prioritize real recovery, health empowerment, and giving you solid support in taking the right steps to recover as much as possible.

It's different here, and I'm excited to show you all of the ways it's more fulfilling--and more successful. Here's what you can expect when working with me:

a comprehensive health intake

assessment & explanation of your constitution

A customized healing plan just for you

acupuncture & energy healing

customized chinese medicine

a real food nutrition strategy

1-on-1 food shopping trip

healing recipes for your skill level in the kitchen

in-between-appointment video chat

Real Support & Patience while you heal

This is what real healthcare looks like. If you haven't been able to get the care, attention, and tools to recover from difficult symptoms, I know this will sound like a breath of fresh air to you.

Welcome to real recovery! I'm excited to meet you.

Call me today and let's get started


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