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Your breath is the closest connection to your highest inspiration, greatest insight, and capability to expand & transform your life.


Transformational Breathwork is a simple breathing technique and active meditation practice that moves stuck energy & emotions, opens the mind, uplifts the heart, and expands consciousness.

Breathwork will help you feel supported and clear when you are ready to incite positive change in your life that really matters. It helps to move stuck energy out of your path, so you gain access to more clarity, confidence, and a stronger sense of yourself.

Positive change doesn't have to take a long time or feel difficult. Practicing breathwork can open doors you thought would take years to get to.

This type of breathwork is both simple and profound. It creates palpable shifts in illness, trauma, and long-term patterns that have felt embedded into your health.

For many years, I've worked with deep & chronic illness, trauma recovery, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and autoimmune conditions, and I've learned that my community is highly sensitive, empathic, and very insightful.

These types of illnesses are often grouped into the category of 'things that don't improve, but you can try to manage them' with western medicine approaches. {ugh}.

However...I know different because I have assisted in more changes than I ever thought could be possible.

Adding breathwork to your healing plan will create a new level of possibility that is both gentle and profound, trust-building with yourself and your capabilities, and transformational with lightening your emotional weight for good.


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