Better Than A Personal Chef

How to master amazing food at home that's incredibly delicious, super-easy to cook & nourishing for everyone

Let's be honest, everything about life is better when your food is on point.

I know you're busy

I know cooking can feel like a chore

But you know what else?

I also know that you're hungry

& that you like nice things

& that you're working hard

& that you want to feel good

& feel energized by your food

I know that you want to look forward to your meals and feel good about what you're eating.

And that you don't have a lot of time to figure things out.

You need some quick wins. Some trusty standbys that are equal parts simple & crushingly delicious.

So are you ready to create more amazing meals at home with ease?

Boulder Crohn's & Colitis Specialist

I'm AJ & I want to show you how to be way more kick-ass in the kitchen

In this course:

*I'll show you how to make quick & easy meals that are super delicious & satisfying

*I'll help you stock your pantry so you have everything you need when you need it

*I'll help you shop better, so you never stand at the fridge again & wonder what you will cook for dinner

*I'll show you how to work with food intolerances

*I'll help you build up your personal menu of favorites, so you can shop & cook from memory

*I'll help you eat more food that you love & feel great doing it


In this course:

Week 1: Quick Wins

3 Easy Meals With Simple Ingredients & Great Flavors

Week 2: Transcendental Taco Nights

Upgrade Taco Night With A New Take On Luscious Fillings With Endless Options

Week 3: Soup Is Always A Good Idea

3 styles of soup for endless meals, deep nourishment, and 1-bowl-dinners.

Week 4: A Million+1 Things To Do With A Rotisserie Chicken

Well maybe not an actual million, but lots of things to make easily with pre-cooked chicken

Week 5: Making Veggies Taste Good

Increase your vegetable cooking & flavoring skills with simple cooking & pairing for maximum joy.

Week 6: Sweetening The Deal

Delicious & easy desserts for enjoying at home or taking to a party.

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