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I’m an Acupuncturist, Chinese Medicine Healer,
Gut Health & Autoimmune Specialist, and Breathwork Guide.

I specialize in chronic, relentless, recurring, and difficult health issues like IBS, Anxiety, Crohn’s, Colitis, Lupus, Fatigue, Chronic Lyme, and all of those invisible illnesses that have left you feeling sick, tired, emotional, frustrated, and overwhelmed most of the time.

Flourish, well Flourished as a result of my health crisis and generational wake-up call.

Like most people, I thought I was doing ok maintaining my health. I had never needed medications, I always ate nourishing food, I got enough sleep, I practiced yoga, I had good friends, I was getting my dream education while I worked in a restaurant at night, and I still woke up most mornings in good spirits, ready to see what life had to offer.

But in my third year of Acupuncture school, I experienced a health crisis that ended up being a perfect storm, and what happened next changed everything...

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Perfect Storms & Wake-up Calls

While out eating dinner with a friend from school, we both ended up with norovirus a few days later, allegedly from passengers who departed a cruise ship docked in Seattle that week. We both missed 2 weeks of school due to being home bound, weak, dizzy, and experiencing extreme digestive issues of the crampy, explosive kind.

And while we both still had gut cramps 3 weeks after getting sick, one thing has especially reverberated for me since that day: my friend seemed to recover fully, but I didn't. My energy never really bounced back, my digestive fire was weak, I gained a lot of weight, my eyes had dark circles, I was always exhausted, and it took more and more energy for me to concentrate on anything & everything.

The Digestive Health Truth Your Doctor Won't Tell You

So why did my friend get better, but I didn't? We both essentially did the same things to recover, except I didn't recover. This moment ended up being SO pivotal for me, because I got to see the deep philosophy of Chinese Medicine at work, and it was extraordinary.

A few of the key principles that I knew, in theory, were coming to life right before my tired eyes. Here are the ones that exemplified what I was experiencing in real time:

  1. By the time we are struggling with relentless health issues, the truth is: this pattern has been building for years.
  2. Your health constitution has everything to do with your family's gut health patterns, how you have been living {truly}, and how your food, sleep, and exercise are working for you--or not.
  3. Gut health is the root of your entire health picture. For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has emphasized this as 1 of the 2 primary schools of thought in the Chinese medicine system. {the other is longevity, but tbh, you still need strong digestive health to build Qi.}

So What Does All Of This Mean?

It means that good health relies on a strong, nourished, and recovered digestive system. It means that if you came from a family with digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, and other forms of chronic illness, you are starting with a deficit, and if no one ever helps you restore your digestive function properly, you are more prone to getting, and staying, sick.

I got hit so much harder than my friend for a number of reasons. When it comes to family, my mom has Crohn's disease and my dad is both diabetic and struggled with alcoholism for years {both hard on the gut}. As babies, we inherit the gut microbiome of our parents, so I received some of both of their less-than-ideal situations. However, I then went on to live on the standard American diet {aka S.A.D.} for most of my life up until that point. I thought I was eating well, but the influx of chemicals and gmo's in our food, plus drinking sodas, and not really knowing how to prioritize vegetables, sustainable meats, and other life-giving foods fueled a weaker digestive and defense system than I realized. Couple this with drinking alcohol socially for many years, getting my Master's degree while working 4 nights/week, and sometimes eating late at the restaurant before going to bed, and you've got a perfect situation for disaster.

It was a disaster, but you know what else? It saved me. This moment of truth woke me up and scared me enough to pay attention and learn how to care for my health more deliberately. It was the ultimate opportunity to see, in real time, how family patterns, well-intentioned eating, and just living my life affected my personal constitution, and it gave me the opportunity to consciously change the outcome.

A Serious Dose Of Sunshine And Support

Fortunately for me, I recovered. I was relentless. I had just graduated with a Master's degree in Chinese Medicine, and a specialty in Food As Medicine. I already knew a lot about food and how to cook just about everything, so I built my vibrant healing plan based on that and got bits of help from a few key practitioners along the way. But I know that if you're reading this, you probably don't have my education, food knowledge, and perfect alignment moment of getting taken down by illness while surrounded by healing masters who have already taught you the basics, and are willing to support you because they are already invested in your success, personally and professionally.

But what you do have is me. All of these timelines merged together at just the right time for me to step into what I was born to do--support people who are waking up to how valuable your health is and allow yourself to consider that there are better ways to care for yourself than you've been taught.

My choice to recover taught me a lot! I applied all of my Chinese medicine knowledge and learned about the things that affect illness and recovery, like navigating the American food system, that food as medicine is a strategic approach based on your specific constitution--no 1 size fits all here, that approaches to exercise should be based on your needs and energy levels, that emotions are actually messengers of what is happening with your health--not problems or drama, that having energy depends on getting good food and good sleep PLUS addressing personal boundaries, relationships to others, and who has access to you and how.

The truth is, there isn't a pill or detox that will solve this for you without further investigation. What I mean is, just quitting gluten won't do it. Neither will OTC supplements, special products, extreme exercise, detoxing, colonics, raw foods, yoga, veganism, apple cider vinegar, or any other thing published in the NYT health section or popping up in your next instagram ad.

Your body {and your Spirit} are asking for attention. We might use some of those things I listed above, but to truly heal, you need a soft hand and a solid, all-embracing approach that interweaves your personal health trajectory with understanding the obvious and subtle things that have been affecting you negatively.


I'm Not Going To Tell You To Get Over It, I'm Going To Help You Get Through It

At Flourish, I practice a deeply informed, humanistic, multi-faceted medicine. I've been through the mill of disappointing medical visits, practitioners not listening to me or telling me it's in my head, and I've experienced oceans of tears, frustration, and hopelessness in those early days. I've been practicing this method for over 15 years and have helped thousands of people just like you get their health and their hope back.


You'll be pleasantly surprised at what is possible when you decide you are ready to truly recover and you work with someone who will help you get there. If you feel inspired by my story and the Flourish ethos, know that you are in the right place and your frustration & disappointment stop here.

Say yes to that voice inside of you that has been yearning to be seen and heard for way too long and schedule your first session with me. We'll sort out the things that haven't been working and help you re-claim your vibrance and your inner sunshine ASAP.

I hope to meet you soon!


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Background & Education


I graduated in 2006 from Bastyr University in Seattle with a Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture, Botanical Medicine, Emotional Health, and Nutrition.

In 2006, I attended Chengdu University in Sichuan, China for a hospital internship, then traveled to Kerala, India, for Yoga Teacher Training. A very Eat, Pray, Love moment!

I've been mentoring with Chinese Medicine Scholar Lonny Jarrett for over 15 years in the Inner Tradition and Spiritual Alchemy School.

I teach and mentor Chinese Medicine students and practitioners around the world.

I'm a Medical Intuitive, Empath, and Highly Sensitive Person.

I’m a Meditation Teacher and Breathwork Guide.

I'm a Fire/Metal person in the Chinese Medicine 5-Element System, a Leo Sun-Aquarius Moon-Cancer Rising, and a Manifesting Generator in Human Design.

My gift is offering my clients and students loving support to release years of trauma, emotional weight and outdated belief systems that are keeping you small. Your desire to heal is also a desire to be all of who you are. I’m going to support that in you and help you grow in all ways.

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