Hey There.
Thanks For Coming Back!

{It's awesome here}

I want to help you re-claim your vibrant health

I know you've been struggling with gut issues, inflammation, bathroom drama, fatigue, pain, and frustration.

That's the nature of untreated gut issues, but it's not a life sentence
{no matter what you've been told}.

At Alchemy, you're going to get a different picture.

I've been working with difficult gut, autoimmune & chronic illness issues for 15 years, and I always offer ways to recover that others haven't offered you before. Beyond that, you're going to get the humanized, customized care that you've been needing for far too long.

Here Are The Top 10 Improvements You Can Expect From Working With Me:

Stop Suffering, For Good!

End The Bathroom Drama

Eat Real Food Again

Be Heard & Supported

Get Your Life Back

Expand Your Diet

Feel Confident In The Kitchen

Socialize Without Anxiety or Food Fear

Get Real & Humanized Support

Get Better Answers For Your Symptoms

Yes. it's ALL true!

At Alchemy, it's different. Let me show you how to recover, give you some great support, and create a plan for you that gets real results.

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Hey There. I'm Amy Jo

I plan to be your last stop on your frustrating health recovery journey and help you find the right answers.

I specialize in difficult digestive, autoimmune & chronic illnesses and I create solutions you never thought you would get.

I've heard ALL of the awful stories. I know how difficult your symptoms have been, and I know how disheartening it can be to keep hearing that 'you have to live with it'  or that 'it's all in your head'.

I don't think either of those things are true.

Sign up today and let me help you with the recovery plan you need to feel like yourself again, regain your energy & vibrance, and get your life back.

I'd like to offer you a special gift of $200 off my
6-week healing program if you sign up today!

Imagine being in a whole new place with your health 6 weeks from now!

In all honesty, most of my clients feel better within a few weeks of beginning treatment, but in my 6-week program, we will make sure you are fully supported in creating some beautiful, effective, and lasting changes.

This isn't a quickie appointment where you're rushed through, handed some meds and sent on your way.

This is real support and real change.

During the course of this 6-week healing program, you'll get the help and the tools you need to recover from painful, difficult, and recurring symptoms that have been going on for far too long.

In just 6 weeks, you'll feel better, and you'll learn how to manage your health more effectively with simple and straightforward knowledge like understanding your needs, eating the right foods for your particular constitution, creating healthy boundaries around your time & energy, and of course getting acupuncture & Chinese herbs to boost your Qi and your body's natural ability to heal and return to optimal functioning.

And don't worry, I'll still be available after the 6-week program for all of the support you need to continue healing so powerfully. I have many tools and strategies to keep you on the right path for you to recover, restore, and revive your health for good.

Sign up today for $200 off my 6-week healing program,
and get started with your true recovery now.

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