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If you're tired of struggling with IBD, IBS or Chronic Illness, this is the place where you get your life back, get better answers, and get real support. {finally}.


Hi, I'm AJ and I'm excited to help you create the kind of health transformation you've been dreaming of for far too long.

I know you've been told a lot of
dis-heartening stories like:

- You'll Just Have To Live With It

- There's Nothing Else We Can Do

- Diet Doesn't Matter

- It's All In Your Head

- Medication Is The Only Answer

- You Just Need To Calm Down

and more unfortunate tales...

But I'm here to tell you that none of these things are true, and I'm going to help you get past the limitations you're experiencing with chronic & relentless health issues + feel more in-control of your health, for good.

*Even if you've tried some of these things before


When you work with me at Alchemy, you're going to have a much better experience than you've had before.

I'm going to help you:

Solve, reduce or completely eliminate the difficult symptoms you've been living with

Leave the house with more energy & confidence

Reduce or completely eliminate bathroom drama

Do more of what you love

Go out to eat & be able to enjoy a meal without fear of the consequences

Socialize again without worry or fear

Stop being tired/cranky/scared all the time

Cook for yourself with confidence, joy & ease

Remember who you are without illness defining your life

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 How To Truly Restore Your Health So You Can Eat, Socialize & Live Better When You Have A Chronic Illness

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Key Practices For Energy Building & Preservation

Simple & Nourishing Food Guidance That Works Beautifully

How To Revive Your True Vitality & Deep Energy Reserves

Plus A Big Dose Of AJ Wisdom, Positivity & Healing Know-How.

Healing Is Possible For You! Stop taking no for an answer and waiting on outdated healthcare approaches to 'get it'.

Get my guide today & get started on your real recovery now.

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